Lets Taco’bout…

6-7A Stoney St, SE1 9AA

Conquering the Spanish food scene in London clearly isn’t enough for the Hart Brothers…


With their critically acclaimed Barrafina – they have three restaurants in total, one being michelin starred – their sights are now set on something completely different, Mexican food!


With the third Hart brother joining the fiesta plus Crispin Somerville with who Sam Hart owned and ran a Mexico City nightclub, El Colmillo back in the 90s we suspected El Pastor in London Bridge was going to be just as successful as their previous ventures.


Like Barrafina you can’t book…so we agreed to meet early and arrived with a serious bead on. To our amazement we were seated immediately, guess it pays to eat early…

Whilst we waited for the rest of our party to arrive we treated ourselves to a frozen Margarita, made using Tequila El Jimador, lashing of fresh lime and aguamiel (an agave nectar found in a Mexican plant!)

Yes ok – we said were weren’t drinking in the week – but Dios Mio am I glad we cracked. I am a self-appointed ‘Marg Connoisseur’ and I know a good marg when I taste one, this one was cracking.


Sitting on a communal table near the open kitchen we watched the chefs in action – willing our friend to hurry the f up – we needed to get eating pronto as every dish on the menu practically screamed ‘Eat Me’!

Once our friend arrived and formalities were exchanged we got down to business…


Sesame Tuna Tartare with Avocado and chile de arbol.


Definitely one of the dishes of the evening – you must get this…


As it we were only in the 2nd week of January (and we’d sacked off the no drinking rule) we ordered the Ensalata El pastor.

A fresh tasting gem lettuce salad topped with avocado, queso fresco, pumpkin seeds, mexican oregano and totopos, however we hadn’t come to be healthy – so with the greens out the way (wouldn’t recommend ordering it) we finally got our hands on a taco!


We were recommend by our fantastic waiter the Prawn Taco. The prawns were served with al mojo de ajo, a garlic gravy-like sauce that infuses the prawns with a fantastically zesty flavour.

I almost had forgotten what fresh prawns tasted like…one bite and I was instantly transported to seaside holidays of my childhood eating crevette rose by the bucket load.

You can’t go wrong with a Quesadilla…they did a Pork version which also looked good.

Have to say we were on our second round of drinks so this was basically blotting paper – good blotting paper though!


Have to say the service was seriously ‘on-side’ at El Pastor – attentive yet never pushy they certainly knew their way around the menu, giving some great suggestions.


We were eyeing up some tacos which had been bought to a neighbouring table when our next dish arrived…Beef Short Rib.

Perfect for two to share – the tender meat slips from the bone with ease which you pile high on to your taco, Peking Duck style. This a dish not to be missed…


El Pastor definitely lived up to our expectations – congratulations boys.

You’d be a fool to miss this one.

The Burp Blog’s Verdict: Four out of Five Forks

Price: ££ (approx: £42 pp shared between 2 inc. drinks & service)

The Burp’s Top Tip: It pays to get there early, as we left around 9 the queue was out the door.

[Aside] So there you have it – our 2nd post of the month – told you we wouldn’t break our promise, we are definitely back – our stomach is doing somersaults at some of the restaurants we’ve added to our wish-list so stay (classy) tuned!

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