Gyoza Bar – Everyone loves a deal

66 St Martin’s Ln, WC2N 4JS

Everyone loves a deal…FACT!

So when a 50% off recently-opened Gyoza Bar hit our Inbox we knew we’d hit the jackpot – conveniently tying in our visit with a night out at the theatre we made our way to ‘theatre-land’ for a pre-performance pigout.


We are pretty partial to Gyoza so it was fair to say that we were pretty excited – but upon first impressions the menu wasn’t really as gyoza heavy as we’d hoped…wanting to try all the variations of gyoza on offer we opted for the Gyoza Moriawase which included 2 of each variety.

I have to say it was incredibly hard to distinguish between each filling and some were slightly charred and a bit greasy…disappointed we ploughed on.


You would have had to be living under a rock if you hadn’t realised how Bao-Bun obsessed Londoners are – led by pioneers such as Bao and Yum Bun, amongst others – so its a common occurrence to see restaurants try and master these pillowy-buns themselves…

We got our Bao steamed buns filled with breaded chicken and pulled bbq pork.


Whilst the fillings themselves could not be faulted the buns were terrible – almost like cardboard they didn’t have an element of airiness to them in texture, sticking together inside your mouth with no real flavour at all….!

Moving on – dishes continued to arrive at our tiny table…


Omakase – included a medley of forgettable vegetable dishes, the wakame salad was half decent if we were being kind.

One redeeming factor of the meal happened to be the Samosa Wraps… I know not exactly the first dish that would spring to mind when hitting up a restaurant called Gyoza Bar…


But nevertheless these deep fried pork samosa dumplings wrapped in lettuce and served with an avocado salsa, tomato salsa and a cool mayo really got us going. Great combination of flavours and were the highlight of our meal!

We are sorry Gyoza Bar if you reading this – but you really need to sort out your menu, if you’re called Gyoza Bar surely that should be the main focus of your menu – and make sure you do them properly! Also it felt like the Ramen Noodles were your main focus with everything else just being small side orders to start with? If I want a Ramen I’d go two minutes around the corner to Kanada-Ya or Bone Daddies…

Being one minute from Leicester Square tube Gyoza Bar has certainly settled itself into the one-visit-only tourist trap which you’d stumble upon before a show, definitely not one i’d suggest you’d go out of your way to visit.

The Burp Blog’s Verdict: One out of Five Forks

Price: £ (approx. £23 but we received 50% off our meal)

The Burp’s Top Tip: Skip this one!

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