Lobster Rollin’ in London Fields

205 Richmond Road, Hackney, E8 3NJ

An evening out in East London was long over-due as a result of overzealous schedules, poor diary management plus trying to find a date that suited everyone!

The chosen Friday arrived after what seemed like months of waiting – and talk turned to what we should do. Drinks? Bar-hop? Maybe even go Out-Out? But after an hour’s trek across town all we wanted to do was eat somewhere local before flopping on the sofa and eating our body-weight in mini eggs…

We were in luck…


Below our friend’s apartment, and I mean right below, is a casual bar and restaurant which specialises in fresh, sustainable and simple food – Ladies and Gents, I give you Lobster Bar.


Think marble table tops, high ceilings and whitewashed interiors all set in front of big industrial windows – we’re not in West London anymore Toto!


With a seriously inventive cocktail list we knew we’d made a good decision, and the fact we didn’t even have to leave the building was a bonus – yup that’s right we were feeling lazy AF.

A round of Botanical Gin Sours whet our whistles…


Following this the cocktail list was demanding too much of our attention with lots of unknown spirits, mixers and combinations bamboozling us, so we ended up just pointing to the first cocktail we saw.

Sea Julep – Quebranta Barsol Pisco, Cinzano Bianco, Lime juice, thyme, sugar.

Got to say – we nailed it!


Generally we skip the option of bread, as it takes up precious tummy-space but we’d been told stories of their whipped butter – more of an aioli – we slathered this generously onto each slice.

Maybe it was the two rounds of cocktails we’d had in quick succession but greed had started to kick in and we needed more food, pronto!


Always a crowd pleaser – crispy baby calamari! These babies seemed to be majority batter.

For mains we all went for the same…


Lobster rolls with house mayo, baby gem lettuce & a side of chips.

Comfort food at its best…


Each munch set your tastebuds alight but bite, bite…and they were gone, leaving us beaming but also quite sad.

The squishiness of the bun, the clean, calm texture of the lobster and creamy mayo plus the crunch of the lettuce (all scoffed down with handfuls of salty chips) we were incredibly satisfied…but kind of left wanting more!


The anchovy dressing on the baby gem was something dreams are made of…

Craving something sweet we had to order Lobster Bar’s homemade Tiramisu!


After a few more glasses of wine we scurried back upstairs to the apartment to binge watch trash tv and quaff glasses of cheap cava – a perfect Friday evening i’ve got to say.

Lobster Bar is somewhere you could go with friends, family or a date plus it would be a winner in both the day and night!

We thoroughly enjoyed our evening but have to say the portion sizes weren’t the most generous – but hey, we are greedy and we know it!

The Burp Blog’s Verdict: Three out of Five Forks

Price: ££ (approx. £46 including wine and cocktails)

The Burp’s Top Tip: Ask to be sat away from the door if you get cold easily as there is a bit of a draft

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