Our 100th Post!

88 Leather Lane, EC1N 7TT

Our 100th post – got to say this a pretty momentous occasion for us here at The Burp HQ!

To celebrate this milestone we’ve got a (prawn)cracker of a restaurant for you situated on the delightful Leather Lane. Taking its name from the Thai word ‘to eat’, we’d heard whispers that Kin’s Pad Thai was one of the best in town.


This small, unassuming Pan-Asian street food cafe is family run and serves up recipes passed down from parents or dishes discovered through travels.

Expect fresh, simple yet extremely flavoursome dishes which will delight even the most fussiest of eaters – with a great drinks menu too!


Kicking things off with our beverage of choice – cocktails!

This was a Chilli Margarita, possibly one of our most favourite drinks of all time. The contrast of the sour lime, with the salty rim plus the fire of the chilli – unbeatable combo. We happily slurped our way through several of these throughout the evening…


We found it hard to decide what to choose (no surprises there) but we knew we had to try a Thai favourite!

Pad Thai – mildly spicy, wok fried, fresh flat rice noodles with either prawns, chicken or tofu, a mixture of egg, a squirt of fish sauce, crushed peanuts, lime wedges & bean sprouts. Heaven!

They don’t scrimp on portion sizes too…


Next up we put our waitress to the test, asking for her to recommend a dish which suited our taste requests – Pad Kee Mao coming straight up!

Ok not the most photogenic of dishes, but judge this book by its cover.

Super spicy wok fried flat rice noodle dish (aka ‘Drunken Noodles’) served with either prawns or chicken plus egg. Vegetables, Thai basil, chillies & finely chopped lemongrass.

Damn, our waitress did good. Those flavours plus the gentle heat of that spice – unbeatable.


Our dining companion was on a serious health kick when they ordered the Green Papaya Salad, or its Thai name, Som Tam. 

A colourful dish with shredded green papaya, chilli, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, shredded carrots, fine beans with a fresh, spicy, tangy, lime, fish sauce & garlic dressing, topped with roasted peanuts.

I have to say I would have needed something afterwards but hey the summer is coming, and those jeans aren’t getting any looser…

So there you have it – Kin – a sweet little Thai cafe which delivers tasty dishes at seriously reasonable prices. Might not be a restaurant you’d travel miles to sample but if I worked locally I can tell Kin would become a regular lunch venue – what more they do takeaway!

The Burp Blog’s Verdict: Two out of Five Forks

Price: ££ (approx. £29 per person inc. drinks)

The Burp’s Top Tip: Their cocktails are banging.

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