Dip & Flip – All aboard the Gravy Train

115 Tooting High St, SW17 0SY

When a street-food favourite turns restaurateur its a pretty big moment for everybody involved…


But in Dip & Flip’s case they’ve gone and started a mini-empire, opening up shop in three destinations around the city. Starting in Battersea they’ve expanded into Tooting and also Wimbledon…plus breaking news they are about to open in Brixton too!

As avid readers of The Burp you’ll know we’ve tried Dip & Flip a fair few times but it always been at a food festival – we’ve never had the privilege of sitting down, being handed a menu and having our every need catered for by charming waiters and waitresses.


So we headed to Tooting to see whether permanent roots in the form of a restaurant would amplify Dip and Flip’s fantastic flavour and the fact their burger can’t be compared to any other!


Having already sampled Dip and Flip’s iconic Dip & Flip burger we decided to order dishes we hadn’t munched on before…


Starting with their ‘Dip’


Thinly sliced roast beef with horseradish in a freshly baked bread roll, white cabbage slaw and pickles. Served with lashings of gravy…

Now the photos 100% don’t do this sandwich justice but it was banging…kind of like the comforting homemade roast beef sandwich you’d make yourself, but on steroids.


Mixing things up a bit we also ordered the Fried Chicken Burger…

All burgers are cooked on their American chrome flat grill and served with ketchup, mustard, cabbage slaw and pickles.


Also served with lashings of gravy for dunkin’ we were pretty chuffed with our order…it was difficult to share any of it as we could have consumed it all to ourselves.

A surprising highlight of the meal had to be the Cheese Fries also dribbled in gravy (no surprises there) plus topped with Crispy Bacon and Green Chilli…don’t judge us they were so good we skipped pudding and ordered another round of Fries, yup thats how moreish they are!


So there you have it…street vendor turned permanent, what a joyous occasion for everyone involved. Plus with branches popping up left right and centre you’ve got no excuse to jump onboard that gravy train…toot toot!

The Burp Blog’s Verdict: Four out of Five Forks

Price: £ (approx. £20 each inc. a glass of wine)

The Burp’s Top Tip: If you haven’t tried their iconic Dip and Flip Burger, this should be the first thing you order.

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