Salt Yard – Gentle Grazing

54 Goodge Street, W1T 4NA

After a weekend long binge in Amsterdam munching on anything and everything we could get our paws on we decided it was time for a dinner recommendation which won’t have you reaching to undo that top button…



A meal you can seriously indulge on or one you can lightly graze your way through without meandering anywhere near that ever-familiar food coma.


Salt Yard is a creative Spanish Tapas restaurant with Italian influences – a restaurant that is part of the fantastic Salt Yard family which consists of Ember Yard amongst others. The restaurant is set over 2 floors with a more informal setting upstairs offering punters the chance to pop in for a few glasses of wine and small plates, where as downstairs there are more tables where you can settle in for the evening – and what more they take reservations.


Now with Tapas we normally have a series of dishes which we just can’t resist ordering (*coughs* croquettes) – and no its not just a liquid dinner of red wine!


Often overlooked – Padron Peppers are a great appetiser…


Plus some Manchego Cheese served with quince to get us in the Spanish mood…


The menu offers Tapas style plates plus more snacky bites and charcuterie boards…most plates are reasonably priced, but on the more pricey side of reasonable – if you get me?

Oh lordy – you’ll know our craze for croquettes if you are a regular reader of The Burp, they are just the most exquisite balls of heaven, crunchy on the outside with a hidden soft centre (bit like us really!)

At Salt Yard we went a bit crazy when it came to ordering the croquettes – we couldn’t help ourselves. Jamón, Leek and Manchego Croquetas with a Salsa Rosa were unreal…


And we couldn’t resist the fishy version- Smoked Eel Croquetas with Horseradish, and a Beetroot Purée. Smalls bites of pure bliss…


Slow Cooked Octopus (so not chewy in the slightest), nutty potatoes, a serious squirt of lemon, sprinkle of chilli and a dotting of Capers.


Now from first glance this dish really doesn’t win any prizes for its beauty (or it may just be our questionable photography skills) – but don’t judge a book by its cover and all that jazz – as look what’s inside…


Fillet of Beef Carpaccio served with Truffle Potato Puree and topped with a Poached Duck Egg.

Any dish with a runny yolk gets us going plus with the addition of Truffle Potato puree we couldn’t quite believe our eyes….and neither could our stomachs!


Their Classic Tortilla, which is made to order, remained true to its Spanish roots and was ridiculously creamy. It always astounds me how much flavour these tortilla’s are packing – if I tried to create something similar, with such simple ingredients it would be a disaster.

The Tortilla at some restaurants can be a serious disappointment – but have to say Salt Yard get it right!



Feeling piggy we ordered the Patatas Fritas with Bravas Sauce and Alioli, and also the Mac and Cheese (not really sure why) both were pretty uneventful and could definitely be substituted with a better dish when you are ordering…


Now their signature dish of courgette flowers stuffed with goats-cheese and drizzled with honey definitely did not let us down – and should be a must-order.

Were they better than Barrafina’s? That is a tough one…


We finished off our dinner with Sautéed Chorizo and Baby Squid with Braised Chickpeas & a Squid Ink Dressing – the surf and turf flavours were beautifully balanced whilst the Squid Ink Dressing added much excitement – especially when we realised we had it smeared all over our teeth. If you are on a date proceed with caution with this dish – nothing is less attractive than black teeth!

We left Salt Yard feeling full yet not with that usual oof feeling we so regularly feel, however maybe it was just because we didn’t eat at much as usual but the vino had definitely worked its magic!

The Burp Blog’s Verdict: Three out of Five Forks

Price: £££ (approx. £65 per head inc. wine and service) OK it is quite pricey for Tapas!

The Burp’s Top Tip: If you are in the area looking for somewhere to enjoy a glass of wine you can pop in and sit at the bar – very sophisticated.

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