277 Hackney Rd, E2 8NA

Recommending a restaurant can be nerve-racking stuff – all that pressure of someone else’s evening falling straight onto your shoulders…

If its crap they think you’ve got rubbish taste, if its good you know they’ll be straight on the blower when they are thinking of another evening out…and so it begins!


A recent evening out with friends allowed us to take a welcome back-seat in the decision making – and we knew we were in safe hands with this fellow food lover.

“I’ve got to take you guys to Mr Buckley’s on Hackney Road” the message read, “its shamaze.”


No questions are asked when something is considered ‘shamaze’ and this compliment doesn’t get dished out often…

It was decided – so we made the ever-familiar pilgrimage East in our quest to try all things worth eating in London.


Mr Buckley’s is a laid-back, unassuming restaurant which might not catch your eye straight up – a brunch hotspot whilst serving European small plates in the evening, was Mr Buckley the one we’d been waiting for all this time?!

What more we couldn’t believe our ears when we heard that they actually take reservations?!


We arrived hungry with an aim to try it all…

Started proceeding with their home baked foccacia, mushroom & anchovy butter…

Now stay with me here, I know you’ll be reading Anchovy Butter and thinking ‘have they lost their minds?’ but trust us when we say the taste is so subtle – that evening we witnessed three astonished people realise just how good it is, even though the thought of Anchovies makes them want to hurl…

We LOVE Anchovies so we expecting to have the butter to ourselves, we thought wrong…

Now if you follow us on Instagram you’ll have seen just how fantastic Mr Buckley’s balls looked…

Obviously we are talking about his Mac & cheese croquettes – so crispy on the outside yet so wickedly cheesy and gooey on the inside plus a dunk in that bisque aioli is enough to make anyone get the food horn!


The sensational and well-thought out dishes continued to bless our table…

Their Butter fried chicken with fresh jalapeño & a honey butter was next to astound the table. Honey butter – where would you even start – but please dear Mr B share this recipe with us!?

The chicken is crispy, finger licking good and surprisingly non-greasy – the Colonel better start paying attention.


A horribly blurred photo of the delightful crispy potatoes drizzled with truffle oil & topped with shaving of parmesan – can we just stop for a moment and appreciate how great those flavours taste together!?

Truffle can easily overpower any dish (a sight we have witnessed a few times too many) so balance is key – there was just enough truffle that you could smell the indulgence as they are placed in front of you, yet on the flavour front the truffle doesn’t hog the limelight…


The Pulled short rib with a pickled slaw wrapped up in baby gem lettuce came highly recommended – but there wasn’t really enough to go around the table so we didn’t get to judge properly, but what we did experience wasn’t disappointing.


The Meatballs in a marianna sauce with mozzarella did exactly what it said on the tin and not much else – brilliantly cheesy but they didn’t blow our minds…



Our photos of the Pork belly accompanied by a miso & jalepeno sauce does NOT do the dish any justice but we couldn’t miss showing this off…a standout dish of the evening, so good we ordered another round *cough* and more of that chicken please.

So there you have it…a throughly enjoyable evening.

Its safe to say we all left as….


The Burp Blog’s Verdict: Four out of Five Forks

Price: ££ (£33 per person. inc 2 rounds of cocktails and wine plus service)

The Burp’s Top Tip: Get booked in here pronto. We love you Mr Buckley…

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