Pitstop at Dinerama

19 Great Eastern Street, EC2A 3EJ

A couple of nights ago we found ourselves foot loose and fancy-free in the East of the Capital, with a bit of time to kill before commencing on our next food pilgrimage…

So the most obvious thing to do – was to give Dinerama a whirl for a quick snack!


Knowing we couldn’t let ourselves get too carried away as we had dinner plans later that evening – we headed straight for BBQ Lab to test drive the best buffalo wings in London, and that is official!


Collecting this prestigious award at the WingFest Championship 2015 we knew we couldn’t let a portion of their Chipuffalo wings get away from us, for the second time.


Buffalo, Chipotle Truffled Blue Cheese Dip, Pickled Celery and Herbs…

Now that is what I call flavour…in the words of the men in white coats at BBQ Lab – the secret really is within the sauce. You wear that award with pride!

Knowing deep in our hearts that we really could only sample one more vendor before bordering on greedy we made a bee-line for an old favourite…



Their 16-hour USDA Brisket is never going to disappoint – and we were rewarded by our decision with a meaty, sticky, smokey delight. These guys really are the original London street BBQ vendors.


Oh god don’t judge us…

We spied their Ribs which we hadn’t managed to try before, finished on the grill these ribs are given constant attention with sauce being added as they cook – not a dry rib in the house with these guys…they are pretty enormous too!

So there you have it – our ‘light bite’ – now who’s up for some dinner?

The Burp Blog’s Verdict: Five out of Five Forks

Price: £££ (Food Festivals can get expensive…especially when you start hitting those cocktails!)

Top Tip: A lot of the vendors take cash only, normally cards work at the bar!

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