BIRD: Home of the Waffle Burger

42 / 44 Kingsland Road, E2 8DA

We’d heard whispers of BIRD’s mythical Waffle Burger – and knew we had to try it for ourselves…


However by the time we actually got ourselves to Bird, the burger in question had been showcased on practically every single person’s social media account from here to Timbuktu!

Not only that but Bird had expanded their empire with restaurants opening in both Camden and Islington – oh the joys of living so far away from the culinary excitement of East London.


Nevertheless we brushed aside our disappointment at not being the first to break the news of this glorious discovery and settled in for the long-haul, ordering enough to satisfy an army of hungry food enthusiasts.

We kicked things off with some Deep Fried Pickles with a blue cheese sauce…burning our mouths in the process these weren’t great!

Onwards we ploughed…

The Nashville Hot Burger – a Crispy fried thigh (heaven), extra hot cayenne sauce, melted American cheese, house kewpie mayo & pickles.

Not the prettiest of burgers but certainly not for the faint hearted…the heat from the cayenne sauce was a deep one, one that warms from the inside and only kicks in about 5 seconds after your swallow.

And of course there was the main event, la piece de resistance if you will…


The Original Waffle Burger – 2 x boneless thighs, bacon, American cheese, hot sauce and Canadian maple syrup sandwiched between two fresh griddled waffles.

Boy, oh Boy was it a whopper – not only were the waffles incredibly dense making it difficult to get your chops around but the sheer size of it made it difficult to tackle, particularly trying to avoid gouging your eyes out on the long wooden skewers keeping the burger together.

We ended up dismantling the whole thing and just eating the filling – which was delicious, not too sweet – but it is with great regret to admit we were disappointed with it overall.


Our craving for Chicken Wings with Blue sauce is initially what spurred us on to visit Bird – so we ordered 12 wings.

Thinking about it now I would have quite liked to have tried their Fried Chicken pieces.

From the sides, we opted for the Jalapeño Corn Pudding – a dish which really stood out that evening. 


Creamed Corn with chopped jalapeños, a sprinkling of cheddar and topped with Panko Breadcrumbs.

So there you have it – Bird!

Upon further reflection we’d compare Bird to an upmarket Nando’s without the faff of having to order at the bar – which isn’t a bad thing – but like with Nando’s you stick to what they are good at…their legendary Chicken. You wouldn’t really go off menu and order their Chicken Livers & Crispy Portuguese Roll (yup, its actually on the menu) so at Bird do exactly the same and remember simplicity is key!

The Burp Blog’s Verdict: Two out of Five Forks

Price: ££ (approx £25 pp inc. 1 x alcoholic drink each)

The Burp’s Top Tip: They do Delivery…

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